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Diagnostic Assessment

At Patterson Psych Group, we emphasize the importance of spending enough time with your provider in order to have a thorough assessment of your medical history and attention concerns. Therefore, expect to spend about 1.5 to 2 hours for the initial assessment (including self-rating scales completed at home prior to the visit and the diagnostic interview with the provider).

First, you will complete assessments at home and send in the assessments prior to your meeting with your provider. You will spend roughly an hour with your clinician. He/she will review your history and assessment tests, make a preliminary diagnosis, and provide a treatment plan. Reports can be sent to your therapist, your doctor, or any other collaborating providers you wish them to be sent to.

​We anticipate computer testing to be available by the end of 2023.

Treatment through Therapy

Beginning treatment for ADHD includes meetings on a frequency determined by you and your provider and includes work centered around educating you about the various areas of your life which ADHD may be impacting you, providing skills and techniques to help with executive dysfunction, mood regulation and attention/focus.

Medication Management

In order to ensure the correct medication, dose and treatment plan, our doctor follows patients very closely. Therefore, follow up typically occurs 2 weeks after the first medication appointment and then on a monthly basis following. Once you and your doctor have established a treatment plan that is effective and you are comfortable with, routine follow up visits may possibly occur every three months. 


Diagnostic Assessment/Evaluation/Testing Only: $250

      *includes reports being sent to collaborating doctors/providers*

Intake assessment for new patients to begin therapy: $165

Follow-up therapy appointments: $125

Medication Management New Patient Appointment: $200.00
Medication Management Follow-up: $135.00

Completion of paperwork/report writing outside of session: $75.00