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Help for today, Hope for tomorrow


Feeling stuck in the daily grind? Work, kids, repeat? Maybe you look back on earlier days when you were able to have fun occasionally.. and didn't just move from one obligation to the next.

Your relationship is another energy suck. You used to have fun together, but now it's mostly, "did you pay that bill, what do you want to eat, who's gonna pick up the kids." If you do have more than five minutes with your partner where you aren't exhausted, you both easily get caught up in arguments about stupid little things or topics that have come up over, and over, again. Is the relationship done? Can you ever get back to good?

If you're ready for something to change in your life, so you do more than just exist and try to make everyone else happy, I can help. Areas of expertise include coping with anxiety/depression, decreasing chronic stress, improving relationships, learning assertive communication, exploring career/life direction, pre-marital counseling and conflict management skills. 

Help for today, Hope for tomorrow


Faith received her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pfeiffer University. She enjoys employing relational and systemic therapy perspectives to support individuals within their context. She believes that life is all about relationships; the one you have with yourself, your significant other, family members, peers, etc.  

Faith seeks to support individuals, couples and families while they improve communication and connection. She uses various therapeutic approaches to create a custom plan for meeting goals with each client. She especially enjoys using the Gottman Method with couples to enhance relationships.

Faith loves working with men and woman who need to reconnect with their authentic selves. Sometimes a relationship, job or life event overwhelms us and we feel like we can't cope. Anxiety, stress and depression suck the joy out of our lives.   

Faith is excited to support you in getting your happy back! She supports individuals on their path to self discovery, couples developing their relationships and teens with self-esteem and motivation challenges. She creates a customized action plan for each client, derived from her marriage and family clinical training, current research and theories to improve your self-love, communication, boundaries and conflict resolution skills.

Ages served for Individuals: Children 10-12, Adolescents 12-17; Adults 18-60
Ages served for Couples: 18+

Faith is NOT currently accepting new clients at this time.

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What to expect at your first visit:
I was forced to go to therapy as a teen and I HATED IT! Some weird shrink... trying to analyze me, get in my head. No thanks!! Now I'm able to be the kind of counselor I wish I'd had. I have a laid back yet direct approach. I want to listen. When we meet, tell me what's stressing you out and what you'd like to see different in your life. From that, we'll set up some goals. I want you to feel heard and understood. The therapy room is a safe space. No judgement, just compassion and curiosity. You're doing the best you can with what you know... once we know better, we do better and we feel better. The power is yours!